Property Sales Services

Property Sales Services handles the sale of land from the Manitoba government departments to private parties. This includes sales of agricultural lands, cottage lots, residential lots in Northern Affairs communities, surplus office buildings, unused portions of parcels acquired for infrastructure projects and other land sales.

It works under policies and procedures for various categories of land by the department(s) having jurisdiction and submits all proposed land sales to the Lands Committee of Deputy Ministers for review.

Staff responsibilities include:

Paralegal Sales

Sale of land not administered under The Crown Lands Act including:

  • commercial land, developed or vacant
  • residential land, developed or vacant
  • agricultural land, with or without buildings
  • closed roads and water control works, public works, depleted gravel pits
  • CNR and CPR abandoned rights-of-way which were gifted to Manitoba

Mines and Minerals

  • only when required to facilitate a Plan of Subdivision

Buildings and/or improvements owned by the Crown

  • for removal from the land by the purchaser

Property Sales Services operates under policies and procedures established by government to best serve the public, as a whole, and achieve the goals of the department which administers the land. Before any property may be made available for sale, it is put through a thorough review process. The sale of land is also based upon the province receiving fair market value as estimated by a qualified appraiser.

For those instances where the province requires land, but not improvement(s) on the land, Property Sales Services will arrange for the sale of the improvement(s) following a Public Tender process requiring the purchaser to remove the said improvement(s) by a set date.

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