Appraisal and Consulting Services

Appraisal and Consulting Services prepares real estate appraisals to support the work of Land Acquisition Services and Property Sales Services. It also undertakes appraisal and consulting assignments directly for client departments and agencies, such as site selection studies, valuations for capital planning purposes and reviews of property assessments for grants in lieu of property taxes. Appraisal and Consulting Services staff regularly provide expert testimony before the Land Value Appraisal Commission.

Services include:

  • valuation of land required for right-of-way, as well as related damages
  • valuation of Crown land for disposal purposes
  • appraisal of rural, urban, residential, commercial and industrial properties in Manitoba
  • strategies for asset management facilitation
  • assessments review of grants-in-lieu properties

Contact Wanda Kopytko, Acting Director of RESB for more information at 204-239-3544