Leases and Permits Services

Leases and Permits Services administers all leases and permits for the use of public land by private parties for agricultural, vacation homes, commercial and other uses. This includes all leases and permits under The Crown Lands Act, as well as leases under other statutes.

  • (Agricultural Leases and Permits). Activities include preparing property classifications and legal descriptions, compiling and preparing property advertisements, maintaining chattels and land improvements information, as well as other legal and administrative duties.
  • Park Land Leases and Permits. Involves a variety of administrative functions relating to vacation home lot permits and leases, miscellaneous leases, general permits (such as trapline cabins, hay and grazing, community docks, chief place of residence.
  • Note: Manitoba Conservation is responsible for the negotiations of commercial leases, as well as property management, (including authorizing site plan permits and costing for lot services), as well as the First-Come, First-Served Cottage Lot Program for new subdivisions.
  • General Leases and Permits. Performs complex administrative functions relating to permits, leases and licences, as well as miscellaneous leases, general permits (such as commercial fishing or trappers' cabins, lodges and out-camps, and communication towers, sign sites and winter roads). Other activities include vacation home permits and leases, licences of occupation and wild rice licences. It is also responsible for the activities relating to the leasing of surplus government land and/or buildings.

Contact Jocelyn Kehler, Acting Manager of Leases and Permits for more information at 204-239-3513