Land Acquisition Services

Land Acquisition Services acts on behalf of all government departments that need to acquire private land for public infrastructure purposes, such as highways, drainage works and public buildings. When a specific parcel of land is required immediately, it may be acquired through a negotiated agreement (see The Land Acquisition Act) or, if necessary, through expropriation (see The Expropriation Act).

Should the land be needed for a future purpose, it will be attained by means of a negotiated agreement, as per The Land Acquisition Act. To better understand a landowner’s rights when being expropriated, please refer to “Your Rights Under Expropriation”.

Land Acquisition Services works closely with the Geo Manitoba of Agriculture and Resource Development, as well as client departments responsible for each project.

Contact Wanda Kopytko, Acting Director of RESB for more information at 204-239-3544