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Lands Currently Available for lease or permit

Casual Hay/Grazing Permits available for application:

Unallocated lands from the February 2021 online auction are available for application for the 2021 year as a Casual Hay/Grazing Permit. Please see the attached listing of parcels and information on how to apply.

Results of Past Auctions

Nov/Dec 2019 In-Person Auction Results: 2019 ACL Fall Auction

Feb 2021 Online Auction Results: Feb 2021 Online Auction

General Leases and Permits

Due to the vast amount of Crown land throughout the province, please identify the site in question by providing a copy of a 1:50:000 topographical map (or a copy of the Plan of Subdivision). We will check the Crown Land Registry System and notify you as to whether or not the site is available. If the land in question is available, an application for lease or permit may then be completed and submitted. If a copy of the topographic map or Plan of Subdivision has not previously been forwarded, it must now accompany the completed application and applicable fee.

Note: Topographical maps and Plans of Subdivision may be obtained from:
1007 Century Street
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0W4
Toll Free 1-877-627-7226